Cristiano Ronaldo press conference for Manchester United vs Juventus in Champions League | ESPN FC

Updated: 25/05/2022

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks to reporters at a press conference ahead of Manchester United vs Juventus in UEFA Champions League, discussing his first return to …


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40 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo press conference for Manchester United vs Juventus in Champions League | ESPN FC”

  1. Silviu20 says:

    no one: how good is you're english accent?
    Ronaldo: yes of course

  2. Is Ronaldo out of champions league

  3. I hate this guy know thay he left real madrid

  4. Leo Mont says:

    Sres Espn ..Que cosa están esperando para televisar la Serie A!!….Los partidos de la Juve!!..Latinoamerica está perdiendo la oportunidad de seguir gozando al mejor jugador del mundo Siuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  5. asapfargo says:

    2 million dollar watch

  6. zeze rumpa says:

    When it's proven then we shall judge. If its not, don't jump to conclusions. Screaming rape on every Ronaldo video doesn't mean anything unless we know for sure. I'm saying this because I know how it feels when if actually he didn't do it and people say he did. It's not healthy, it's not fair either. If it's proven then let's talk.

  7. Fucking overrated ball players

  8. Damn, ronaldo get´s me every time he speaks in english, ahahah

  9. bolso66 says:

    Ma allegri reggeva il

  10. A lot of Raponaldo fan groupies here …. I would not be surprised if some of you would rape him in the back of the net if you know what I mean? You know because you worship this narcissist

  11. waiting for the day..when real and juve clash in the champions league

  12. 1.5 million dollar watch. look it up

  13. Bor Billy says:

    Ronaldo in your team is the best for your old team Real Madrid

  14. LM10 Jr. says:

    Is he… Is he wearing lipstick?! Ughh!

    Cristina Ronnie

  15. toyas400 says:

    His expression and watch at 1:18 tho smh…

  16. hey manour,, this is your past, not your future.. by, by trophies!!!!!!!!!!

  17. madiam 4u says:

    why would Ronaldo rape anyone? Can't he just get whoever he wants?

  18. Tt Fff says:

    How u gonna have all the money and face be so greasy

  19. Jay Murthy says:

    Hahaha cmon Cristiano you know damn well your end goal is individual awards

  20. U always say that "i play in a club best in the world"

  21. Adam Mir says:

    That manager looks so down to earth. So cool and relaxed.

  22. Adam Mir says:

    I feel Ronaldo part of utd when he was training on the ground. Very emotional… Only Carrick in that dressing room who played with him. Rest of this new utd squad doesn't represent the Man utd we all know…. Wish Ronaldo signed for utd again.

  23. Shreder83 says:

    what a blingging watch its brighter than my future

  24. nice comment you speak well good

  25. zain Seven says:

    Prediksi 4-1 win a juventus cr7 hatrick

  26. T Ast says:

    english would be good

  27. he's the best player In the world and he is the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo!

  28. Dave Clark says:

    Ronaldo is a really good footballer

  29. what was that lady trying to say in the start :p

  30. when you think he's not going to say "unbelievable" then 1:39….haha

  31. loler says:

    His watch is brighter than my future

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