Christian Fuchs dreams of being NFL kicker – BBC Sport

Updated: 25/03/2023

Leicester City's Christian Fuchs shows two-time Superbowl winner Osi Umenyiora his NFL kicking skills.

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20 thoughts on “Christian Fuchs dreams of being NFL kicker – BBC Sport”

  1. any football players can be an NFL kicker…

  2. I would just love to hear the NFL commentators, having to pronounce "Fuchs" every game 😀

  3. Tmendler says:

    Cam Newton jersey. Bandwagoner

  4. BTW it's only three steps back and two or three to the side

  5. ortomy says:

    Hes as big as Wes Morgan

  6. Onto humor sure itgscqz division fate corporate withdraw differently count walk.

  7. 1tomsta1 says:

    Who killed the camera guy at 2:51?

  8. yap09 says:

    Who killed the camera guy at 2:51?

  9. OneTimer says:

    if he trains, he could make it.

  10. M Romero says:

    Osi low key trying to disrespect him. Questioning his pose, saying soccer isn't physical.

  11. I'd say most professional soccer players could do what he just did. Put pads on and have a defense rushing at you and it changes everything. It'd be fun to watch what some of these guys could do…especially the goalies.

  12. Taco Snoz says:

    I wanna see Fuchs join the NFL

  13. What a Fuching great Video!

  14. I never knew Christian fuchs

  15. Good knowing you Christian.

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