Chelsea keepers’ NFL challenge – BBC Sport

Updated: 02/12/2022

Chelsea goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois, Asmir Begovic and Eduardo test their American football skills with Super Bowl winners Osi Umenyiora and Jason Bell.

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29 thoughts on “Chelsea keepers’ NFL challenge – BBC Sport”

  1. Proud of them not messing up that hand shake at the end

  2. Merkur 2 says:


  3. Courtois is great at football, american football and basketball? Geez

  4. Anon Frank says:

    so freaking stupid . i am an american and american football is so boring and stupid compared to international football(soccer)

  5. It’s funny that people think that professional Football keepers would not be that good at throwing a US football/rugby when they are trained to actually meant to do something like that. And even kick it… maybe father and definitely more accurate than a US football player.

  6. Courtois the snake you mean.

  7. It's always fun to see Americans and Europeans interact

  8. Sujoy Bera says:

    American football sucks

  9. Armin says:

    Proud of Begovic and his English skills, almost no accent there. As a fellow Bosnian person I have heard fellow Bosnians talk with a pretty distinct accent. Oh and also it's pretty awesome seeing two sports collide

  10. Two years later and not a single GK is left there

  11. messi9991 says:

    Where are the stats? A bit useless if you aren't told how well actual quarterbacks do.

  12. The one in the black t-shirt looks like a young John Barnes/Ronaldo

  13. Thibaut Courtois is the best keeper in the world at this moment and I am proud to be from Belgium because of that!

  14. Aaron Lara says:

    Lol in background range rovers

  15. Wow, I'm Canadian and as soon as I heard Begovic speak I thought "wtf? he sounds canadian?" and then I checked and saw he used to live there! wow had no idea.

  16. Nice to show Handegg to the pro Football players!

  17. Fozza says:

    lets be honest if europeans joined the American Football party, europeans would own the game

  18. Morfo1010 says:

    Conte was like, Im here to be sure my guys are not hurt!

  19. spence says:

    goalies can casually kick a soccer ball 70 yards no sweat. they'd probably be great NFL punters

  20. 2:30 begovic looks just like Tom Brady

  21. Asmir begivic played on south west sting and he was in saint Francis Xavier the club I play on and the high school my bro goes if u don’t believe me search it up

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