Chelsea and Manchester City Premier League season previews | ESPN FC | ESPN

Sebastian Salazar, Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop preview the 2018-19 season for Chelsea and Manchester City and how new additions Riyad Mahrez and …


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38 thoughts on “Chelsea and Manchester City Premier League season previews | ESPN FC | ESPN”

  1. ThomDull says:

    there are no PL contenders this year, there is only Manchester City and the rest underneath them in unidentified numerical order.

  2. City look quality again. Liverpool will scrape into top 4. Arsenal will be good.

  3. At their lowest ebb just this past season, what were the scores between chelsea and Liverpool? Go figure, you chelsea haters on ESPN.

  4. Luc as says:

    I don't want Man City to win anything , spent to much on players. Buying the title

  5. OC Blues says:

    Wonderful debut for Claudio Gomes

  6. City and liverpool are going to fight for the title

  7. Wtf Craig is dumb asf. Says Tottenham is more likely to finish top 4 compared to Chelsea because Chelsea's tansfer window was crap but wtf has Tottenham done?

  8. Disappointed in Craig… how can you even begin to think Liverpool beat us comfortably on their own… there were so many incorrect official decisions man lol please think about it after rewatching both legs

  9. Kevin Foss says:

    You're paying him for opinions like that? Sheesh.

  10. Bill Kat says:

    It's between Liverpool and Man City. The rest should be happy to get into top 4.

  11. Jordan All says:

    Chelsea is always fighting for trophy we dont care about top 4

  12. Man city or Liverpool or man utd will win the league

  13. Graduate says:

    These comedians create a question and then dance around it like girls.
    Chelsea is challenging for title. That is what they do. Fire coaches and then get back to the top.

    Espn should stick to American dramatic "sports".
    Why take it into a man's game?

  14. I believe Arsenal will finish in the top 4 above ManU and Spurs. They have a good squad now and if they are defensively decent they are a threat to anybody.

  15. farshan at says:

    lol chelsea won the league just after finishing 10th in the league.. never say never.. chelsea are title contenders.. like it or no..

  16. I'm a city fan and I gotta be honest sterling must go bench

  17. The pundit on the right has been living in a cave for the last few years. Chelsea finished way lower before and came back as champions. Not fit to be a pundit. What else can you expect from ESPN.

  18. What I love is the comparison of Chelsea to Arsenal, especially since Chelsea have won the League twice in the last 4 seasons.

  19. top four is not chelsea priority, we are always out for the trophy

  20. Felix Bioh says:

    Craig, Chelsea have been successful since Roman took over in 2003. Look at the number of trophies they have won since 2003 up to present. Since the FFP rule came into effect, Chelsea have not spent stupidly like City, United, Spurs, and now Liverpool. But, Look at the number of successes. I do not need to count them cause the records speak for themselves. Chelsea model of not sticking with a coach for long time has worked for them. As a Chelsea fan, we are not Arsenal since 2003 they have never won any major trophy. How could you say the owner cannot consider what he has is a success when the RECORDS SPEAKS FOR THEMSELVES SINCE 15 YEARS OF OWNERSHIP? SHAME ON YOU Craig !

  21. My loins are quivering I’m so excited for this match

  22. Not just a hopeful Liverpool fan but I think lfc can win , coz there will be a pressure on city regarding UCL and doing that in a dominant fashion , destroying teams .

  23. Negative pundit on the right. Chelsea only need one bad season and these nay sayers are ready to relegate them already. Did Conte not win the title with only Kante the significant addition in his time? And before Conte didn't they place 10th or something? All the Europa league trips by Liverpool and not even managing to win it once are soon forgotten. I agree that they should have bought more in this window. But with so many inflated prices on rhe market and no one , I repeat, no one willing to sell the other why blame them? Chelsea is so much hated that folks always wish their downfall all the time. We'll see how the season goes.

  24. This is why espn is failing…..pure shit commentators

  25. NI5HU A. says:

    chelsea are always title contenders. put some respect on the name

  26. Leo Messi says:

    Pep Guardiola lets make the Primer League boring win it again

  27. chelsea can get top four I think hazard will stay in the end not bothered about losing courtois because we can look at oblak as a replacement

  28. Man utd have the greatest goal keeper in the world. Therefore their defense doesn’t mean shit. In just one transfer window utd went from one of biggest and slowest midfields to one of the quickest and most creative. This will allow their overpowered choices of attackers the service they need. This is a race between utd and city. No one else.

  29. ESPN ALWAYS get predictions wrong first nba playoffs they leave out the lakers and they think that Liverpool have a better chance of winning than Chelsea.. "professional pundits"

  30. Mourinho winning it this season.. Can't keep him away for long. Problem with Liverpool is can they grind out few results when things aren't going their way ?

  31. Mahrez is way better than Sterling

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