Burnley’s Tom Heaton learns to catch NFL-style – BBC Sport

Updated: 26/05/2023

Burnley goalkeeper Tom Heaton is put through his paces by Super Bowl winner and BBC Sport pundit Osi Umenyiora who is impressed by the England international's catching.

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18 thoughts on “Burnley’s Tom Heaton learns to catch NFL-style – BBC Sport”

  1. Gavin Meek says:

    Been a Burnley fan since I was 6, so 32 years now.
    It was a shame Heaton was injured and couldn't make the England squad for the World Cup.
    BUT Heaton is back and on fire as he did a great part in helping Burnley beat Tottenham 2-1.


  2. Thank god he didn't ask what a catch is, we still don't know

  3. How can this get 4 thumbs down..?Hopefully you'll be back soon. A top Keeper and a lovely guy.Popey has done a good job standing in..

  4. John Gotti says:

    The U.S soccer team always had Good goalkeepers that played in the premier league!

  5. These videos are fun, but it is an obvious attempt by BBC to win over English football fans.
    As an American soccer fan, I would hate to see one of our meccas of soccer taken over by the most boring game on the planet.

  6. Now I like Heaton even more as a Cowboys fan myself.

  7. So then why don't wide receivers, tight ends, and D-backs wear goalkeeping gloves?

  8. Fici says:

    They should give this catching lesson to Karius.

  9. Fici says:

    They should give this catching lesson to Karius.

  10. Fici says:

    Does anybody know if Akinfenwa did this?

  11. TroiiiE says:

    Lmao Heaton #1? ha funny Hart will always have his spot.

  12. Checkfins says:

    Fuck Uminyiora's ignorant ass. Ask Rob Green if the US would lose to England

  13. Aneeb Gul says:

    Guys you got to do 1 one with Diego Costa he can challenge you with your aggression

  14. Listeroman says:

    It's not like England would beat USA easily in football (soccer). 😀

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