Biggest Cupset of the Tournament? | Newport 2-1 Leicester | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Updated: 24/02/2024

Newport County knock Premier League giants Leicester out of the FA Cup in the Third Round. Subscribe: To find out more …


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21 thoughts on “Biggest Cupset of the Tournament? | Newport 2-1 Leicester | Emirates FA Cup 18/19”

  1. Chop Chop says:

    The pitch look ok to me city will crush them

  2. Remember last year when they almost beat Tottenham?

  3. LM 10 says:

    I didnt know League two stadiums were this modern

  4. DygGs says:

    God i love the fa cup

  5. KIZZY 69 says:

    3:20 That cunt tried to stop the ball with his hands lmao

  6. ECS says:

    This is just sad to watch

  7. Cup's matches are a surprise and funny meanwhile lol

  8. i love fa cup round 3 u just see how small some stadiums are. also im not sure how leicster can beat chelsea but not newport maybe cause the team change but still

  9. 10' Jamille Matt (1-0); 82' Rachid Ghezzal (1-1); 85' Padraig Amond pen. (2-1)

  10. The underdogs defeating the ultimate underdogs

  11. R J says:

    If you're in the middle of the Premier League table why on earth would you put on the youth players when you should be realistically going full throttle for the FA Cup? They won't achieve the Premier League Trophy nor the top 4 it's a no brainer!

  12. Sid White says:

    FA Cup is a snooze fest, no one cares about it any more. It was magical when it was the one of the only games on tv now it is insignificant.

  13. Andrew S says:

    4th round Newport County deserve a good draw, I hope Man Utd vs Newport County!

  14. thta nandos takeaway after in the dressing room post match tho

  15. The finishing is not good

  16. Swagwan says:

    Albrighton can whip in a cross can't he?

  17. 3 Leicester fans disliked this

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