Big Zuu insane freestyle for Liverpool F.C. | BBC Sport

Updated: 24/05/2022

BBC Sport caught up with Big Zuu and he goes IN on this beat 👌

UK grime artist and Liverpool F.C. fan, Big Zuu, reps his club's title chances in a 90-second freestyle.

Salah, Van Dijk, Klopp, Firmino, Fabhino, Trent… which is the best player?

This is from our new series 90 Second Freestyle.


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Big Zuu insane freestyle for Liverpool F.C. | BBC Sport


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27 thoughts on “Big Zuu insane freestyle for Liverpool F.C. | BBC Sport”

  1. Zovoz says:

    They wont win the league 🙁

  2. allison isnt top saver fabianski is

  3. Alex East says:

    Praying we win something

  4. How the fuck is this a freestyle? How are people so dumb these days. Clearly wrote this shite before hand.

  5. Freestyle? Lol fucking liar he right all that shit but fuck Liverpool lol

  6. Kushi _B says:

    ALLES ALLEZ ALLEZ ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Noah East9 says:

    Smalling plays like hes on ket

    And Jones only ever puts it in his own net

  8. Why do the rappers from London support Liverpool fucking plastic

  9. Me says:

    This chap and John Barnes getting together for The Anfield Rap Vol. 2?

  10. What a Liverpudlian accent tbf

  11. Loud Pax says:

    Lool dead my man is from Tottenham sums up all these dead premier league teams and there plastic fans

  12. The way his flow bounces to the beat like his boobs

  13. Tom Walsh says:

    John Barnes has entered the chat

  14. 0:57 MISTKAES??? They're hiring monkeys at the BBC these days. Shocking that this is tax money funded.

  15. Haze Der says:

    Mad belter lets hope we pull up tomorrow against Barca

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