Arsenal a title contender after nine straight wins? | Premier League News

Updated: 05/12/2022

Sebastian Salazar, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley of ESPN FC discuss the nine-match winning streak for Arsenal under Unai Emery, including a 5-1 win in …


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23 thoughts on “Arsenal a title contender after nine straight wins? | Premier League News”

  1. 4 months later we’re fighting to stay above Utd

  2. Ad Digi says:

    Burley, you twat no Arsenal or any journo said we will going to for EPL.. You're anti Arsenal anyway, name those Arsenal journos

  3. Arsenal and Tottenham might not be in title race but I believe that that North London will decide who's wining the prem

  4. I bet that venezuela prick has done fuck all in his football career but is running his big mouth as if he is an ex legend.. absolute bellend

  5. Smix says:

    if Arsenal win the prem by the end of the season they will be going ”i always rated Arsenal’s chances of winning the prem, i always though Unai was a brilliant manager, not a single doubt in my mind”.

  6. Even if arsenal remains unbeaten till january these guys wont give arsenal a chance these guys are a**holes tbh…but im happy arsenal is winning and i hope arsenal win PL and shut the mouth of this idiots..#coyg

  7. M .S says:

    Leicester couldn't win the title either could they? Pffft these clowns chat so much shit. Anything can happen, when will people learn that?

  8. Sean says:

    That Venezuelan bloke is a right tosser. Obviously hates Arsenal

  9. I don’t usually agree with any of the panelists on ESPN FC, however as an Arsenal supporter, I agree with Moreno. Need to beat the contenders.

  10. The only reason this is up for debate is that Arsenal has 9 straight wins in all competitions- the league cup is one of them. Manchester city won against oxford united..well done, United got beat by derby and Liverpool got beat by Chelsea, the same contenders drew with the champions, that was the narrative was it not. The question is always asked when its arsenal just because it's arsenal but more importantly because we're winning.

  11. We can win the PL if our players put their mind to it, emery is a great manager and I think we can win a title, if we finish top 3 then that says something

  12. ACtony says:

    I don't know why everyone (pundits) say Arsenal are title contenders! Im an Arsenal supporter and we are not title contenders i think we are going for the top 4 and probably a good run in all the other domestic and European competitions! Liverpool and City are miles in front of us! But at the same time i don't want to be emphatically beaten by the so called "big teams" if we are going to lose, lose by fighting! My opinion

  13. shame on u idiots and the so called pundits, am so ashamed of you lots and how you ve managed to keep your jobs as pundits is beyond me. shows how incompetent ESPN is and how lackluster u guys are at viewing tins in a professional level.. u lots will be ashamed come MAY

  14. Luckily for arsenal, the opinions of so called "football analysts" NEVER counts. How high arsenal finishes at the end of the season rests on the team and the manager.
    I trust that emery and arsenal will exceed expectations this season.

  15. steverfc7 says:

    Arsenal will 2nd in league for 10 years in row i think it's possible to finish 2nd in league for 10 seasons in a row you agree

  16. How can I download this? I want use this to remind these experts if in case Arsenal surprise everyone. I'll bet sack those expert or Arsenal didn't win Champions League in 8 years? Which do you want to pick?

  17. Xtreme J says:

    Arsenal’s goal: Top 4
    If we beat Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea (unlikely) then that’s when you say capfuls we win the title

  18. If they think arsenal not contenders they are wrong they might win the league who knows, it's football a specially who thought Leicester are going to win the league, who thought Croatia is going to be in world Cup final I believe this arsenal team has togetherness and they will be close

  19. reg man says:

    This scottish numpty answering a question nobody has asked. No one has called arsenal title contenders. I wish I could get paid for talking bollocks

  20. Tbh one of the more reasonable judgements from pundits, unlike some others who'd just laugh at it and move on. Credit where credits due, Unai's doing well that's what we gooners care about.

  21. Hi Hi says:

    At the beginning of the season, arsenal lost to city by 2 goals, then they lost by 1 goal to Chelsea, then they started to win by 1 goal, then by 2 goals, then by 3 goals, then in last match they won by 4 goals…. if I was a Leicester fan, I would be concern.

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