Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup Final 2016/17 | Official Highlights

Updated: 13/07/2024

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37 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup Final 2016/17 | Official Highlights”

  1. Matic

    Loses fa cup

    Moves to different club

    Loses again(and by his old club)

  2. Anyone watching after europa league final ?

  3. Complex x says:

    Just watching after our 4-1 loss to them, we played really well this game….

  4. ELの前に見たくなった

  5. Same again please lads tonight..
    Rambo you will be missed.
    Thank Allah Costa is no longer a blue.

  6. well done my gunners now let's bring the europa back to the emirates COYGS

  7. Same result in Baku incoming

  8. 2:05 is that the guys from the flash series holding his chin?

  9. Khal Drogo says:

    2:05 Quentin Lance looks more confused here than when he saw his daughters reappear.

  10. Anyone watching before europa league final

  11. Matic

    Loses the fa cup

    Moves to a different club and loses again(by his old club…wow)

  12. Zane Uda says:

    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 3-0
    Chelsea vs Arsenal: 3-1
    4-3 in total
    Chelsea vs Arsenal: 3-2
    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-0
    4-3 in total
    Both had a cup final against each other. Is that something for Arsenal?

  13. The Lady 1 says:

    Thank you Ramsey, Giroud. U will forever be remembered.

  14. Doug Diaz says:

    Arsenal should have kept Giroud.

  15. Repeat this again on the 29th of may Arsenal

  16. vinny1010 says:

    Aaron Ramsey will be missed!

  17. Didn’t know Paul Blackthorne supported arsenal 2:05

  18. Ramsey the cup final specialist what a player so sad arsenal is gonna loose him to juve for free.

  19. I'm a Chelsea fan and I was here ,great atmosphere , if you don't believe me you don't need too

  20. Sanches was a beast at arsenal

  21. David Goat says:

    David luiz is so overrated

  22. Simon Xiao says:

    The last glory of Arsene's Arsenal.

  23. I just saw the guy in the crowd that’s in the arrow a Netflix series

  24. subito zx says:

    What ever happened to Alexis Sanchez?

  25. This was a perfectly executed tactics from wenger

  26. Costa did all this for Chelsea and we still let him go. In his place, we go in for Higuain.

  27. Aint tht the dude from Arrow at 2:05 ?

  28. asih Arey says:

    I missed 10 000 dollars bcoz of Chelsea
    I bet win for them

  29. Jay Marcus says:

    FA Cup FA charity is Arsenal's trophy

  30. I really loose a big amount of money because of this match if Chelsea win or draw..

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