Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup Final 2016/17 | Official Highlights

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37 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – Emirates FA Cup Final 2016/17 | Official Highlights”

  1. MR joe iron says:


    Loses fa cup

    Moves to different club

    Loses again(and by his old club)

  2. Anyone watching after europa league final ?

  3. Complex x says:

    Just watching after our 4-1 loss to them, we played really well this game….

  4. ELの前に見たくなった

  5. Same again please lads tonight..
    Rambo you will be missed.
    Thank Allah Costa is no longer a blue.

  6. well done my gunners now let's bring the europa back to the emirates COYGS

  7. Luke Harwood says:

    Same result in Baku incoming

  8. Simon Kaumi says:

    2:05 is that the guys from the flash series holding his chin?

  9. lets do it again in Baku

  10. Khal Drogo says:

    2:05 Quentin Lance looks more confused here than when he saw his daughters reappear.

  11. Anyone watching before europa league final

  12. MR joe iron says:


    Loses the fa cup

    Moves to a different club and loses again(by his old club…wow)

  13. Zane Uda says:

    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 3-0
    Chelsea vs Arsenal: 3-1
    4-3 in total
    Chelsea vs Arsenal: 3-2
    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-0
    4-3 in total
    Both had a cup final against each other. Is that something for Arsenal?

  14. The Lady 1 says:

    Thank you Ramsey, Giroud. U will forever be remembered.

  15. Doug Diaz says:

    Arsenal should have kept Giroud.

  16. Repeat this again on the 29th of may Arsenal

  17. vinny1010 says:

    Aaron Ramsey will be missed!

  18. Cal Febreezy says:

    Didn’t know Paul Blackthorne supported arsenal 2:05

  19. -FUN MEMES- says:

    Ramsey the cup final specialist what a player so sad arsenal is gonna loose him to juve for free.

  20. H2 MIDNigHT says:

    I'm a Chelsea fan and I was here ,great atmosphere , if you don't believe me you don't need too

  21. Sanches was a beast at arsenal

  22. David Goat says:

    David luiz is so overrated

  23. Simon Xiao says:

    The last glory of Arsene's Arsenal.

  24. Kemar Gordon says:

    I just saw the guy in the crowd that’s in the arrow a Netflix series

  25. subito zx says:

    What ever happened to Alexis Sanchez?

  26. This was a perfectly executed tactics from wenger

  27. David Klido says:

    Costa did all this for Chelsea and we still let him go. In his place, we go in for Higuain.

  28. Aint tht the dude from Arrow at 2:05 ?

  29. asih Arey says:

    I missed 10 000 dollars bcoz of Chelsea
    I bet win for them

  30. Jay Marcus says:

    FA Cup FA charity is Arsenal's trophy

  31. I really loose a big amount of money because of this match if Chelsea win or draw..

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