Are these the top 10 FA Cup final goals? | BBC Sport

Updated: 24/03/2023

In honour of the FA Cup final, we went into the BBC Sport archives to find our top 10 FA Cup final goals from the past 25 years.

You'll see goals from the likes of Cantona, Drogba, Sanchez and Michael Owen.

Which one is your favourite?

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Are these the top 10 FA Cup Final goals? | BBC Sport


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19 thoughts on “Are these the top 10 FA Cup final goals? | BBC Sport”

  1. walan RM says:

    where's the subtitles?

  2. I'm sorry but Nemanja Matic's goal vs Tottenham must be in this

  3. These are not the top goals lol…..FA cup did begin more than 10 years ago smh

  4. BBC your nothing but a bunch of pediphile protectors your PATHETIC

  5. We’ve gone from drogba and costa to a fat whale. Wtf

  6. MrAlan287 says:

    Jessie lingard was only 7 when he scored that goal

  7. Its definitely Gerrard’s

  8. Some decent goals but certainly not the 10 best, Cantona goal was rubbish not sure why that’s in there.

  9. Sef Huss says:

    Big Yaya Toure vs stoke

  10. 1. Gerrard

    2. Cazorla
    3. Sanchez

  11. gotgot4 says:

    Cazorla free kick wow

  12. Kanu vs Cardiff 2008. Wonder strike

  13. Bbc sport >>> any sports channel

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