Are these the greatest FA Cup shocks? | BBC Sport

Updated: 26/05/2022

We look back through our FA Cup archives to find the greatest FA Cup shocks from both past and present.

The question is, do the modern cup shocks stand up to the past?


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Are these the greatest FA Cup shocks? | BBC Sport


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24 thoughts on “Are these the greatest FA Cup shocks? | BBC Sport”

  1. Man City – Middlesbrough 0-2 2014/15

  2. SkyBlueBen says:

    Coventry 2-1 Stoke (When we were 7th in League Two)

  3. Tombo says:

    What about Oldham vs Liverpool?

  4. What about Oldham vs Liverpool?

  5. hitor miss says:


  6. iL33xTRFC says:

    Tranmere 4-3 Southampton. 0-3 down at Half Time.

  7. Gary P says:

    So many opportunities.. I found it quite funny when non-league Basingstoke town beat Wycombe a few years back (albeit on penalties) – after 2, 2-2 draws.. – only to go to play Northampton town and not quite get through (again on penalties) – would have been impressive to see them play Liverpool as it would have been in round 3

  8. TrillWill says:


  9. How come Nottingham forest Vs arsenal is not on there ?

  10. What about tranmere being 3 nil down to Southampton and bringing it back 4 3

  11. How did Wigan vs city in the final not get shown

  12. Neil Brown says:

    Shrewsbury town knocking Everton out?

  13. This is why I love English football. Anyone can beat anyone

  14. Sutton beating Coventry in 1988/89, Coventry were recent winners of the cup in 1987 and were in tier one while Sutton were part timers playing in tier 5.

  15. Can’t believe you didn’t have Barnsley knocking out Liverpool away then knocking out Chelsea in the next round to reach the semi-finals.

  16. Matthew says:

    That guy at 3:00 got shoved into the fourth dimesnsion

  17. RN Gamer says:

    Where’s mk dons vs Man Utd?

  18. So Crawley arent mentioned at all. A non league who were near to administration got to the 5th round in 2 consecutive seasons. One in non league and the other in league 2

  19. Aaaa Bbbb says:

    Crazy to think Lincoln and Bolton will be in the same league next season.

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