Are Liverpool surprising fans? – Match of the Day 3 – BBC Sport

Updated: 23/05/2022

Match of the Day 3 pundits Danny Murphy and Alan Shearer discuss Liverpool's “sensational” form under manager Jurgen Klopp,

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27 thoughts on “Are Liverpool surprising fans? – Match of the Day 3 – BBC Sport”

  1. I'm just really dissapointed that our creativity in the first half of the season didn't continue into 2017… we've had an appauling January & beginning of feb

  2. strikers win games, defenders win seasons

  3. 2:17 when you want to say something smart in school, but… nevermind….

  4. liverpool you'll never walk alone come on champions league next season

  5. Out of 11 games we have only 1 clean sheet. But we have only let in more than 1 goal 3 times in those 11 games. Therefore, in the majority of the games we have played we only had to score 2 to win, which i would back us to do most of the time. Therefore, I don't think our defense is as big of an issue as it is made out to be. But, i would prefer more clean sheets.

  6. For chrissakes Shearer, learn how to pronounce Firmino's name!

  7. Barcelona are trying to by coutinio

  8. as a liverpool fan i can say with certainty we wont win the title due to our shaky defence, no one has ever one a title with a defnce as bad as ours, even Leicester last season had a really solid back four

  9. interesting, Danny Murphy's climax face is only slightly less undemonstrative than his resting face.

  10. Tom McCool says:

    Burnley was the best thing that could have happened, oddly, in that Klopp need only replay that game for Phil to have him not try 9 shots from outside the box but to play for the better positions.
    Also, Liverpool has the fewest shots per game against. Individual errors are the problem not a systemic issue.

  11. Get Sakho and Matip partnership

  12. Its not like the 13/14 season when we would beat cardiff 5-2 or west brom 4-3 its watford 6-1,hull 4-1, leicester 4-1 ect

  13. Can someone explain me that poppy everyone has?

  14. Tom S says:

    Why are they talking 5-4 or 4-3! It was 6 bloody 1.

  15. Carl Jones says:

    This is the thing with the defense at 3, 4, 5-0 the players relax their concentration a bit which allows teams to score a goal that doesn't anywhere near change the result. If it was only 1-0 the defense would be a lot more focused at stopping to opposition scoring so I'm really not worried about it, if anything I'm less worried because Karius made some really good saves that will improve his confidence. And plus Liverpool have only dropped 2 points from a winning position this season and that was the 1-1 draw with Tottenham.

  16. Wow, two world class pundit.

  17. Love to see and hear the haters! Hope it continues and hope they still are around at the end of season

  18. The defence isnt that bad really, theyve all been brilliant except for karius and most goals conceded are irrelevant and consolation goals where liverpool lost focus since they had a comfortable lead

  19. Real hope and belief that this could be our year. CL at the very least the sum of my expectations but the PL is extremely strong this season.

  20. Still on about Liverpool's defence, after winning 6-1. Only conceded more than 1 goal in 3 games this season. Still won 2 of those.

  21. Quinlan says:

    40 goals in 14 games… 125 year record …city have j. stones at the back and costa is injured again.. can see lfc winning by 9 pts

  22. Liverpool won 6-1 the way they're going on its like they won 6-5

  23. bumdog says:

    Absolutely…you can never expect the level of attacking football Liverpool currently show week after week.

  24. Mr A says:

    Fair play. They are playing the best football in the league. With Coutinho at the heart of it all.

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