The 2018-19 Premier League season is finally underway, and in this video I will try and predict the outcome of each of the 23rd weekend of matches.


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21 Responses to “2018-19 PREMIER LEAGUE PREDICTIONS – WEEK 23”

  1. Barca is doing good for now but they should watch Athletico Madrid. Why are you not predicting Bel Jupiler Pro league, Por Primeira Liga, Hol Eredivisie, Fra Ligue 1 and Tur SuperLig

  2. Wolves 1:1 Leicester
    Liverpool 3:1 crystal palace
    Watford 2:0 Burnley
    Newcastle 1:0 Cardiff
    Manchester United 3:0 Brighton
    Bournemouth 1:1 west ham
    Southampton 3:2 everton
    Arsenal 1:2 Chelsea
    Huddersfield 1:4 Manchester city
    Fulham 1:3 spurs

  3. Wolves 2-2 Leicester
    Liverpool 2-1 Crystal Palace
    Man Utd 1-0 Brighton
    Bournemouth 2-3 West Ham
    Southampton 1-2 Everton
    Watford 2-0 Burnley
    Newcastle 0-1 Cardiff
    Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea
    Huddersfield 0-5 Man City
    Fulham 1-2 Tottenham

  4. WOLVES 2-0 Lester
    Liverpool 3-1 Palace
    Watford 2-0 Burnley
    Newcattel 1-1 Cardiff
    United 6-1 Brighton
    Bourmoth 1-2 West ham
    Southhampton 1-2 Everton
    Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea
    Huddisfeild 0-5 City
    Fulam 0-2 Tottnem

  5. Wolves 2-2 Leicester
    Bournemouth 1-2 West Ham
    Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace
    Manchester United 2-0 Brighton
    Southampton 0-0 Everton
    Watford 2-0 Burnley
    Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
    Huddersfield 0-2 Manchester City
    Fulham 0-3 Tottenham
    Newcastle 2-1 Cardiff

  6. Wolves 2-1 Leicester City
    Liverpool 1-0 Crystal palace
    Watford 2-0 Burnley
    Newcastle united 3-0 cradiff City
    Man utd 2-0 Brighton
    Bouarnmouth 1-0 West ham
    Southampton 0-1 Everton
    Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea
    Huddersfield 1-4 man City
    Fulham 0-1 tottenham

  7. Wolves vs Leicester, I think it's going to be 1-1 draw
    Bournemouth vs West Ham, I think another draw 1-1
    Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
    , Liverpool to win 3-0
    Man Utd vs Brighton, I want Brighton to win but I think Utd will win 2-1
    Newcastle Utd vs Cardiff, Newcastle will go down I think, but I still going for a 0-0 draw
    Southampton vs Everton
    , 1-2
    Watford vs Burnley
    , 2-2
    Arsenal vs Chelsea
    , 2-2
    Huddersfield vs Man City
    , City will win 5-0
    Fulham vs Tottenham, 1-3

  8. Tonite the Toon are at Ewood Park in the cup replay, despite the Toon having it not their own way, still believe in Rafa's in putting out a good team at Ewood, the Toon to go through; 1-2 before a meagre crowd of under 8,000 and a vast contignent of Toon supporters present. Thank you for predicting a good result for us next saturday at St James, i would go for a 2-0 win, Ritchie and Redondo the scorers, crowd estimate: just a wee bit under 50,000

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