20-year-olds react to… Euro 96 – BBC Sport

Updated: 28/06/2022

It's 20 years since Euro 96, so we asked a group of 20-year-old England fans – all born in 1996 – to experience some of the tournament's iconic moments for the very first time.

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33 thoughts on “20-year-olds react to… Euro 96 – BBC Sport”

  1. Those girls look like they are from the 90s lol

  2. M says:

    I dont understand how they don't know what happened in 96 in england, to the home team, the team they should supposedly be a fan of, in the shootout. How do you not know? I was born in 82 and at 8 years old I literally knew most of what happened in the 82 world cup and my team wasn't even in it. These people probably aren't football fans at all

  3. T W says:

    Played a 5 a side tournament when I was 9 the same day as the Scotland game. Remember all the kids running to a gazebo where someone had a tiny box tv to see gazzas goal and the penalty save. How many of todays team would replace any of those players? None.

  4. These kids are witnessing the best decade ever shame they probably never felt what we felt in the 90s. England was the place to be at that point in time.

  5. dan taylor says:

    "oh looks class, you can tell it's the 90's" Just no pleasing some poeple

  6. Still hurts, I cried all night, poor old Southgate.

  7. T Smith says:

    Euro 96 was when this country was proud not like these self entitled knobs

  8. Quincy F says:

    I was 14 and in year 9 in secondary school when euro 96 was happening. What great footballing memories as those were the good old days it makes me feel well old now at 35 going on 36.

  9. 0:19 the girl on the left literally looks like she's time traveled from 1996

  10. Kids these days will never experience a summer this good.

  11. Its karel poborsky n that aint no fuckin mullet lol thats just long & free

  12. City B&B says:

    All of them dressed in 90s fashion.

  13. 2:00 Don't worry he's England manager now…

  14. None of those 20 year olds will ever experience a Summer quite like we had back in 96!

  15. The girl in the middle is wearing dungarees that were very 90s.

  16. Why not put Supergrass: Alright in the video. After all, it's very 90's like!

  17. King Kong says:

    I was 15 in 96 these kids make me feel soooooo old wow the girl called the camera kodac camera ancient lol those were the days and I love it I really did I'm starting to sound like my dad

  18. Mbaving says:

    at 0:32, you can't look more 90's with what you're wearing!

  19. barkafan says:

    Name of the song that starts at 1:00? It's so familiar but can't remember the title.

  20. I hate the fact last time England had a really great team I was far too young to see it.

  21. John Joe says:

    The bitchez just are sooooo ugly wtf

  22. no idea why a clip of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise was played as it was from 1995, could of had a clip of underworld instead then really Born Slippy lol. Talking of no HD, well not for 10 years ahead or so, even then only on the old Analogue with just 4 channels and only in standard 4.3 full screen format. Some parts of the UK, reception of bad weather was possible as you could be watching it in snowy picture or background co channel interference that affected me watching during the world cup 2 years before of 1994 which was intense. BBC or ITV was never broadcast on sky/ satellite/ TV then until around 1998 unless you had cable

  23. should make 50 year olds react to….. world cup 1966 XD

  24. Eva G says:

    I like how they talk about high shorts and mullets…that was more an 80s thing.

  25. Cash Back says:

    It's NOT A FASHION SHOW! God do they have to comment on everything? Yes we get it, it isn't the same now. Talk about something else! No wonder people criticise the yoof of today is this is the shit they concentrate on?

  26. The home kit England wore from Euro 96 & France 98 was England's best kit.
    It was a proper Football kit, the kits these days are horrible, they're either skin tight or look like something a gymnastic should be wearing!
    I wish football & football kits would return to their former glory and actually represent football.

  27. Jacob May says:

    I love how the ginger is sat all on his own cos he has no friends

  28. nauset says:

    Most of these girls look like their from 96

  29. peloquin says:

    I was 17 and all this seems like yesterday. I'm glad they were too young to see it live though, the Gareth Penalty miss was the most heartbreaking moment I ever saw in football.

  30. A96oaye says:

    That girls hair style is straight out of 1996! That fringe though!

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