The Significance Of Game Dealers In Live Casinos

Updated: 26/11/2023

Ever heard of game dealers? Yes, those unsmiling guys in a casino who work hard to make our gameplay simpler but never complaints about tiredness.

Game Dealers in Live Casinos

Game dealers or croupiers can be found in all physical casinos and live ones. They are carefully chosen and even more carefully trained to adept multiple games and their rules.

So, what is the role of the game dealer and how are they chosen? Read on and find answers to these fascinating questions.

Game Dealers aren’t a Strange Bird!

The game dealer even though looking poker-faced plays an important part in the gambling world. The dealer is tasked with running games of chance and is expected to be adept at multiple games. They are often required to explain both plain and obscure gameplay rules, terms and concepts to players must be excellent at math and love relating with people.

The game dealer is expected to have above-average knowledge of the game he/she is presiding over. This includes knowing the minimum and maximum permissible wager, the side bets rules, odds and payouts.

The dealer must also understand and enforce the gameplay rules that are in effect in the particular casino that employs him. As an example, a casino might allow essentially limitless simultaneous blackjack hands, while another caps this at two, and requires the doubling of the minimum bet. When this is the case, the dealer must know the casino rules that are in effect, be able to clearly explain it to casino patrons and be able to enforce it.

The dealer/croupier is also tasked with keeping a sharp eye out and ensuring that a player is not cheating. Most casinos these days train their dealers to identify folks with potential gambling addictions. Help is then offered, discreetly of course.

How They Are Selected?

In cities where there are lots of casinos, most community colleges and local dealing centres have programs that teach a range of hospitality and gambling industry-specific skills. This might include vocational training programs that instruct on the mechanics of a slew of table games, as well as advanced degree programs on such concepts as casino management.

However, in small casinos, prospective dealers are often merely required to display eagerness for the job, have a GED or its equivalent and be good at maths. In the more premium casinos with “high limit” rooms, the kind of dealers hired to tend to be multilingual fellas, with extensive experience, excellent math and people skills and the ability to speak through their noses and stay calm under pressure.

Where They Are Employed?

Sure, most game dealers are found in poker rooms and casinos. There are however other places that require their special kind of services.

This includes party-planning organisations that intend to host poker or casino nights, cruise ships, event planning organisations that need dealers for private and possibly exclusive get-togethers and organisations that raise funds for noble and un-noble causes through casino table games.

What Their Work Is Like

Gamblers have differing personality types. The canny dealer knows enough to get along with as many of these as possible and go with the flow. This is important because most game dealers make the majority of their money through tips and offering a great gameplay experience.


Game dealers are often the main determinant of the overall gameplay experience and the person most casino players have to deal with. As such, they are highly significant as their performance can make or mar a game.

Most game dealers are well trained, excellent at math and are expected to know about most of the games available in the market.


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The Significance Of Game Dealers In Live Casinos



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