Meanwhile, as we reported on Friday, a certain sports anchor is probably going to be searching for new career options soon. Although there's no official word on Randy Howe's employment status from KSNV, his profile has been removed from the station's website and he hasn't been on air since being reported as fondling his member in public by an employee at a gaming bar at the 4400 block of North Decatur Blvd., who told police it wasn't the first time it had happened, either.

Howe told cops that he had a terrible itch, since he couldn't deny the incident, which was caught on surveillance. The look on his mugshot face says it all.

We're guessing his on-air career is finished, in Vegas and anywhere else. There's nothing TV stations like less than a creepy perv who's seen masturbating in public. Viewers tend not to be big fans of that, either.

Even the UK's Daily Mail picked this story up and wrote it up at length, so Howe should probably start looking for a new career.

Mostly, we hope someone has autoclaved the seats at that bar.

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