Killer Card Games: Objectives, Rules And Tips

Updated: 24/06/2024


Killer card game rules specify the use of playing cards for playing the game. However, Killer is not actually a card game. Those who cannot wink will find it near impossible to play this game. Killer card game rules specify the presence of at least 4 players. When 4 players are used in this game, one of this takes on the role of killer/thief, while another player takes on the role of a cop.

Killer Card Games

In a killer game with 8 players, there can be two cops and the same number of killers. On the other hand, 12 player games require 3 cops and 3 killers, etc.

Killer Card Game Rules and Objectives

Killer card game rules are actually simple enough. The thief or killer is supposed to kill off the civilians and regular players while trying not to get caught. The cop, on the other hand, strives hard to discover the identity of the killer.

The killer is the player with a jack, while the cop is the player with an ace. The killer is enabled to kill off the regular players by winking, with the cop being tasked with figuring out the identity of the killer.

Killing Fun With Killer Card Games!

Take a 10-player game. This will have 2 cops and 2 killers whose identity are of course unknown to each other.

To determine the cops, killers and civilians, 10 cards are culled from a card deck. 2 of these cards must be jacks, another 2 will be aces, while the rest can be anything.

These cards are then distributed to the players present. Players who get ordinary cards are designated as civilians. Those who receive jacks are the killers, with the cops being those with aces.

Once the cards have been distributed, the killers will attempt to wink at other players, while the cops try to catch them in the act. When a regular player is winked at, he/she says, “I am dead” and is thus no longer in the game.

Killer card game rules state that any killer caught in the act of winking is out of the game. In this gameplay, for example, there are 2 killers. When the two have been caught, the game is over, the rest of the civilians can breathe easier and the cops win.

If the cops catch a player who appears to be winking, he is obliged to show his card to the rest of the players as per the killer card game rules. If the player is an actual killer and with a Jack card, then, he/she is booted out of the game.

However, in case the player does not have a Jack, that shows he/she is actually a civilian. Such a player can elect to show off his card exclusively to the cop, with the cop being obliged to show off the card he/she is holding as proof that he/she is actually a cop.

If the player elects to allow all players to see his/her card, then, every player knows that he/she is a civilian and the gameplay resumes. The game ends when all the civilians have been killed, or when all the killers have been caught in the act of winking.

The killer card game is an astonishingly simple game that promises thrills and suspense unlimited. It can be played by friends and family, and is a social game that can enhance friendship, trust and social interaction.

Play this card game today with the killer card game rules and take extreme delight of the game!


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Killer Card Games: Objectives, Rules And Tips



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