Amazing Facts about the Popular ‘Casino Royale’ Movie: A must read!

Updated: 23/06/2024


The name Casino Royale itself brings goosebumps! It is perhaps one of the best movies of James Bond that is based on a casino theme. Well, 007 is himself a fantastic poker player and has appeared in numerous casino scenes before too. But the fact that the central theme of the movie is a casino makes this one more special. The movie created a cult in the box office and was watched by millions of people worldwide. Daniel Craig, the new Bond gained instant fame with the movie. So, what are some wonderful facts that have made this movie so popular and a touch above others?

Facts about the Popular ‘Casino Royale’ Movie

Some little-known facts about Casino Royale that you will love to read

#To begin with, you will be surprised to know that the film was adapted from the very first James Bond book written by Ian Fleming. It was quite a difficult plot to be adapted, given the grandeur and the plot sequence. However, it was successfully released, and the rest is history.

# The firm is not the only adaptation of the novel. The first was an hour-long television program aired in 1954 by Climax! TV, and it was followed later in a satirical version in the year 1967.

# If you are a casino enthusiast, you must have noticed that in Casino Royale, James Bond tips the dealer with a chip of half million as he wins the game.

# Just two days after the premiere, pirated copies got circulated and were being sold in London. In fact, Daniel Craig was offered a copy while he was on a trip to Beijing. He was wearing a cap and glasses and so people could not identify him.

#Craig was injured in the sets of Casino Royale when he was filming an action scene. He lost two of his front teeth and had a dentist fly from London to replace them.

# To make his performance better, Daniel Craig hired a personal trainer to be in great fitness and shape. He also tried to do all the stunts himself as much as he could.

# Eva Green was the lead female character in Casino Royale. Later she starred in hits, such as Salvation, Sin City: A Dame to Kill, 300: Rise of an Empire and so on.

# To depict the sinking of the Venetian ship at the climax in the best manner, huge preparations were made. The largest-ever rig for a Bond film was constructed. Apart from that, the set included tanks, inflatable balloons, and a dilapidated three-story building. The rig weighed 90 tons and was controlled by hydraulic valves.

# Ian Fleming had celebrated the first draft of the novel Casino Royale by buying a gold-plated typewriter. In fact, Pierce Brosnan who had previously acted as Bond purchased it later.

# Last but not the least; Casino Royale was the first 007 film to be released in Chinese theatres. The Chinese version had some minor edits before release.

So now that you have known some interesting facts, it’s time to watch the movie and enjoy!


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Amazing Facts about the Popular ‘Casino Royale’ Movie: A must read!



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