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50% up to £200
100% up to €10
100% up to £200
100% up to £50
100% up to £25
100% up to £50
100% up to £20
100% up to £30
50% up to $1000
100% up to £30
100% up to £20
400% up to £20
300% up to £30

Choose your Top betting offers from the biggest online bookmakers in the table above. Cash in with £600 + in free betting money from the top sites and increase your bankroll for Euro 2016.

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Features of the Best Betting Offers

Football is one of the favourite sports to bet on for punters. Their world stops once this game is on, and to make it more exciting, they place their bets on the team that they want to win. They still had to go to a betting shop if they wanted to place their bets before, but not anymore. Nowadays, you can do such things through the Internet. You just have to find a website with betting offers.

There are two types of this offer. First is the one, which asks for a deposit before playing, and the second type is for free. Between these two offers, the latter is the popular choice. It’s because these websites give an opportunity to make winning odds without paying anything; hence, you’ll only lose a little amount of cash if you didn’t win.

Characteristics of Free Betting Websites

There are different types of free betting sites. Some offer free bets while others provide free offers of betting. Though free betting offers cover numerous sports, those focusing on football have a slight edge compared to others since many people like this game. Thus, you’ll find websites that offer to bet for this particular sport.

Free football betting sites also provide the latest feeds on the matches and clubs taking part in the season that give you a better judgement before making a bet. Though the site doesn’t ask the players to place their bets, everyone still wishes to get the money. Thus, you must search for a reliable site, which offers betting offers and winning odds.

Free betting sites also provide tips for winning the bet. You’ll also get a chance to select the best offer that you want. You’ll get to choose from the Euro 2016, Champions League, FA Cup, Premier League, and World Cup free odds, depending on the season.

Moreover, you can select the team that you want to support and place your bets on them even if the game is still a few days away. Thus, you don’t need to rush on betting on your favourite team, especially if you only have a few notes left in your pocket.

Finding the Right Betting Website

Now that you know the features of a reliable free betting site, you need to learn how to find them. There are several websites to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. To ensure that you place your bets on a reputable site, here are a few things that you need to do.

  • Set your budget – Not all sites offer their services for free. Some of them require payments before you can play the game, thus, you need to set your budget before selecting a bet offer. If you have an extra amount, you can search for a site, which asks for charges, apart from the bet amount. If you don’t have excess cash, you must look for free bet offers that still allow you to get the money.
  • Make sure that the site operates legally – Though it’s a form of gambling, it doesn’t necessarily mean that betting is illegal. Some sites have a license and are authorized by the government. If you want to guarantee your safety, check if the website runs legally. That way, you don’t need to worry about your security whenever you place your bets online.

These are some of the things that you must consider when searching for a website with free betting offers. Doing these tips will guarantee your safety and ensure that you will enjoy your online betting experience.

What to Consider when Choosing Mobile Betting Offers?

Mobile betting has changed the way people bet on the internet. There is no need to get a desktop as you can already access mobile betting offers using either your mobile phone or your tablet. Before choosing mobile betting sites though, make sure to check out for these two things:

Watch out for the free bets or bonuses. There are mobile betting sites that actually offer these. Usually they’re only for new customers, so make sure you take advantage of them. You can save up to £200 if it’s your first time to bet using your mobile phone or your tablet. One advantage of mobile betting is that you are also entitled to an extra risk-free bet. Desktop mobile sites do not offer these. It’s exclusively only for mobile users.

Mobile betting sites with great bonuses:

Bet365. They offer a £200 bonus for first time customers and a £50 risk-free bet exclusive only to mobile users. By far, they are the best mobile betting site today. They also offer Bore Draw and 4/1 Racing that are attractive to mobile users. We can list so many other reasons why they’re the best, but it would be better for you to go check them out now.

Coral. It’s a favourite simply because it has great offers. Some of the perks you get when you use Coral:

  • £20 to be given to new mobile customers who bet for only £5.
  • You can win up to £100,000 as Jackpot. If that’s not attractive enough we don’t know what is.
  • It is highly credible because it has been in the industry for a century. It is committed to providing only the best customer service. Coral is one mobile betting site you definitely should go try out.

Check reviews. There are websites that constantly review mobile betting sites. Make sure to check these out. Better yet, check the mobile site yourself and see if it’s going to work on your mobile device. One tip: get a high-end mobile device to make sure that mobile websites really work.

A sample website:

Titanbet. It’s a new player in the market. Titanbet is still working on its best offers for mobile users, but here are some of them:

  • You get a 10% cashback on your first bet (Read: every day). So you get to enjoy the 10% cashback, provided you do mobile betting every day.
  • £25 free bet and £10 bonus for new customers. It isn’t big compared to Bet365, but it’s good enough. At least you get something for free. So give Titanbet a try and discover what else they can offer you.

There are many other mobile betting offers available these days. The three suggestions above can give you the best experience, but of course, you can check out other sites. Who knows, you may land into one, which gives better offers than the suggestions above. Let us know so we can also include them on the list.


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